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LMA Handicap League table 2013

This page show the league table for the Indoor Handicap shoots.

The Handicap is constructed to allow all archers to compete against each other on a level footing no matter their experience or the style they shoot.

Indoor Handicap shoots are £2 per person. There is a monthly shoot and prize. Each monthly score counts to a total end of year score for a shield.

The tables below will list the members taking part in the league and the scores as well as current position in the league and the previous position.

LMA Handicap League table Rules 2013

  1. The round is to be shot on the last Friday meeting of each month at the Leisure Centre with the award being presented to the winner at the end of that meeting.
  2. The round will consists of 10 ends of 4 arrows shot at a 35cm target from the normal shooting line.
  3. The scoring system is X (scored as a 5), 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 and miss.
  4. The archer is to pay the shoot fee on the night before shooting commences.
  5. The archer is allowed a maximum of 2 practice ends of 4 arrows before scoring begins.
  6. Any round not completed once the shoot has started (including practice arrows) will be recorded as DNF unless failure to finish is due to an unrecoverable equipment failure.
  7. A handicap will be awarded once the archer has shot 2 qualifying rounds (to be shot before starting the handicap competition (no fee)) by calculating the average score then using the handicap table.
  8. Once an archer has been awarded a handicap it may be adjusted using the handicap tables after each shoot by calculating the average score (rounded down) between their current handicap score and the actual shot score.
  9. If an archer changes style, they are to shoot two qualifying scores (No fee) to create a new handicap for the new style. This must be done before the archer may re-enter the monthly handicap competition.
  10. If a archer misses a shoot they must catch up (this score is not eligible for the monthly award) before being eligible for the next months handicap competition, however they may shoot their score in advance which will be eligible for the monthly award.
  11. The winner of the monthly handicap award will have their handicap adjusted down by 1 additional point until a handicap of 1 is achieved.
  12. A handicap can go both up and down during the year.
  13. The archers handicap will be carried over from the end of one year to the start of the new year.

At the end of each year main awards will be presented to 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners in both the handicap adjusted and scratch score league tables.

2013 Scores

Score Table ( includes handicap ) for 2013

PositionNameHandicapHandicap AllowanceShoot 1Shoot 2Shoot 3Shoot 4Shoot 5Shoot 6Shoot 7Shoot 8Shoot 9Shoot 10Shoot 11Shoot 12Total
1Daniel Goodwin53821862302262112382132171651902292061972508
3Richard Doore16151951991932002101982012021951981912052387
4Teresa Goodwin46651961871621962092272052001811741731982308
5Nathan Trew1716196190198198203202197     1384
6Peter Hatherley1514184197200206198       985
7John Norman1918187189210190201       977
8Ethan Ashley Perks4155152216219235        822
9Ieuan Graham5588167241200         608
10Phil Williams3033202204196         602
11Gail John5588225175184         584
12Bob Marriott3645190187186         563
13Rod Umney3543165197196         558
14Helen Langford5691163193          356
1st – Daniel Goodwin
2nd Colin Ketley
3rd – Richard Doore

Scratch score table – the score you actually shot

1Colin Ketley1941619015198261961919421195222002419516196171981419014196152342219
2Richard Doore1851018713181518541951418812190919111185101861217811188102239121
3Teresa Goodwin159514851170133214431663156715331341117012001330168029
4Nathan Trew188141801118310182101861018671823          128765
5Daniel Goodwin5309131022990129012241322891960129412151153127824
6Peter Hatherley17661826184819071858              91735
7John Norman18061761019216177111838              90851
8Ethan Ashley Perks850128213711641                5144
9Phil Williams169717171657                  50521
10Bob Marriott161315441472                  4629
11Rod Umney142215831552                  4557
12Gail John143110631053                  3547
13Ieuan Graham73013211124                  3175
14Helen Langford9211051                    1972
1st – Colin Ketley
2nd Richard Doore
3rd – Teresa Goodwin