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International Field Archery Association basic code of conduct for competitors

  1. This tournament is conducted in accordance with the Rules of the International Field
    Archery Association [IFAA], the Rules and Regulations of the tournament organisers and
    local law, health and safety regulations. It is the sole responsibility of the individual to be
    informed about the above Rules and Regulations as well as local laws and regulations.
    Entry by a competitor to the shooting range(s) and associated areas shall be deemed to
    constitute unqualified acceptance of all of these rules and regulations.
  2. In event of non-conformance to paragraphs 3 to 9 the tournament organisers of this event
    reserve the right to restrict or deny or revoke access to the shooting range(s) and
    associated areas of the event. The decision of the Shoot Director shall be final in this
  3. The use of radio sets, CD players, MP3 players or the like is not permitted in any part of
    the archery range(s). Mobile phones may be used as a camera on the range, but shall be
    set to “flight mode”. They may only be used as a phone in the event of an emergency or at
    the refreshment stands. For use during a tournament with unmarked distances the mobile
    phone must comply with bylaw article IV H2m.
  4. Behaviour likely to constitute, or that could reasonably be construed to constitute, a cause
    of danger, confusion, annoyance or nuisance of any kind, such as the persistent use of foul
    and abusive language is not permitted.
  5. It is unacceptable to make any remarks of a racist or sexist nature.
  6. It is unacceptable to bully, harass, threaten or intimidate any person or group. Violent
    behaviour is unacceptable under any circumstances.
  7. It is not permitted to enter the shooting range(s) and associated areas whilst in possession
    of any article or substance that is illegal in terms of local laws and regulations.
  8. No person may enter or attempt to enter the archery range(s) whilst in possession of
    alcohol or whilst drunk.
  9. No smoking will be allowed on the archery range(s) outside those areas designated for
  10. All persons are asked, in the interests of public safety and good order, to comply with all
    instructions issued by the Range Officials and other official representatives of the
    tournament organiser.
    Range Officers and other official representatives of the tournament organiser may report to
    the Tournament Director / Range Captain anyone who does not comply with this Code of
    Conduct. Any competitor found by the Tournament Director / Range Captain to have wilfully
    contravened this Code of Conduct or to be cheating or acting in an “un-sportsman-like”
    manner may find his/her entry to the tournament denied, restricted or revoked, may be ejected
    from the shooting range(s) and associated areas and may be reported to his/her National
    Individuals are reminded that the tournament organisers can call upon local law enforcement
    agencies to assist them in enforcing the law of the host country.

Source: Annexture 02 IFAA Book of Rules April 2021