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Sharp Equine

Sharp Equine

CF71 7PA

Rules for Sharp Equine

  • Members should not go near the horses for any reason. Horses take priority on the yard at all times.
  • Please don’t block gates and doors when parking. Park considerably in the designated areas. If in doubt ask a committee member.
  • Due to the soft surface area and horses using it we request that bows are put together in the car or outside the barn. You are responsible for your own equipment in the barn, anything lost must be found before leaving.
  • For the same reason members must account for all arrows that they use and for all pins they put into bosses. Pins must not be left in bosses but removed and put away.
  • If you want to shoot you will need to put up your own boss and target and put it away after use. Please don’t leave equipment for others to put away.
  • Children must be supervised at all times. They should not play on the yard or go near the horses.
  • Sharp Equine is a no smoking area. There is to be no smoking or vaping anywhere on site.
  • We request that you look after the equipment. Please use a variety of targets so that the centre doesn’t get shot out. Ensure they’re moved around to prolong the life of the bosses.
  • Only use pasted targets on the bosses. If the target you want isn’t pasted, glue and cardboard is available for you to paste them. 
  • Please keep the container tidy at all times. Put items back where you found them and keep the floor clear. If you see anything out of place, put it in place. 
  • The equine centre owners live on site and have young children. Please respect them and keep your noise down, especially when leaving at night.
  • Please do not bring dogs to sessions as this could cause distress to the horses. 

Thank You

The Committee