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Shoot Reports 2010

This page is to allow us to capture the news about any tournament or competition that Llantwit Major Archers are involved in.

FMT Stage 5 – Wear it Pink !

The Final stage of the 2010 Field Masters Championships was held at Woodland Park near Brecon on the 7th November and it was a ‘Wear it Pink for Breast Cancer Day.

Llantwit Major Archers were present in good numbers and a few game souls took the ‘Wear it Pink’ to heart, well to head anyway ! others got ‘caught’ later, in fact not many of our archers escaped the pink hair by the end of the day. Well done to all for taking part in the fun and raising money for a very worthwhile cause.

The weather held dry but cold, catering was, as always at Brecon, excellent. LM Archers thank Gill and John for their hospitality. Scores were a mixed bag and for those that had not shot a Mk Forester round before it was a novel experience.

The following LM Archers were representing the club at the tournament:

StyleNameFMT5 Score
 Dave Gray440 
 Nathan Trew385 
AFFSRSandra Jones295FMT Champion
JMFSRChris Gray395FMT Champion
 Connor Harrison230 
JFFSRMolly Harrison125 
AMBBRColin Ketley445FMT Champion
 Paul Watson410 
AFBBRYoke Lunn415FMT Champion
JMBBRGethyn Friend250FMT Champion
AMBHUNigel Kent915FMT Champion
AMHBMike Mattingley315FMT Champion
AFHBSally Mattingley75FMT Champion
CFLBElise Mattingley95FMT Champion

Well done to all our members for shooting it and congratulations to those that won the round on the day. Special congratulations to the ones that took the Field Masters Championships overall – as annotated above.

World Championships 2010

Llantwit Major Archers would like to wish our archers who are in Germany shooting in the World Championships 2010 the very best of luck in this most prestigious tournament. The World Championships is a 5 day shoot with over 600 archers from all over the world taking part. The following LM Archers are there representing Wales on the International stage.

Colin Ketley
Nigel Kent
Mathew Symmonds
Claire Ritchie

Scores for WFAC 2010 for our archers

Our congratulations to all our archers for a good shoot

ArchersDay 1Day 2Day 3Day 4Day 5TotalPosition in Group
Colin Ketley301315434283302163515th of 21
Nigel Kent506495552497497254716th of 25
Mathew Symmonds47846454045947424151st of 1
Claire Ritchie433457512453482233724th of 29

5th September – FMT round 3 shot at Brecon

Round 3 of the WFAA Field Masters Shoot went ahead at Brecon after a last minute move from Canada Lakes. LM Archers were out in force with 15 of us representing Llantwit Major Archers in a total field of 27

As this round has not often been shot previously there were a few Welsh records up for grabs as well as the FMT trophies and our achers did not disappoint in this. Our archers put in 10 Welsh Records on the day. Our sincere congratulations to all of them but especially to Elise on her first competition shoot, not only winning her style but a Welsh Record as well.

There were a few that did not score as well as they would have liked but thats how it goes sometimes.

The weather was not as good as the weatherman promised but the rain held off for most of the time and it was not cold or windy. The conditions did create a bit of ground mist that made a few of the long targets interesting to spot, but not so much as you could not see to shoot – just a bit hard to see where you had shot !

The Adult Male Barebow was a tight competition with Colin and Paul ending up with the same score – in that case the most X ‘s wins, but as they had both shot the same number of X’s as well a Tie was announced – and in this case a Joint Welsh Record as well.

LMA would like to thank Gill and John at Brecon for a warm welcome and great catering as usual, and the WFAA for organising the event.

WR = Welsh Record

AMFSRMark Lunn242
AMBBRNathan Trew63
JMFSRConnor Harrison125
AMFSRDave Gray168
JMBBRGethyn Friend110 WR
AMBUNigel Kent279 WR
AMFSRPeter Hatherley229
AFFSRSandra Jones91 WR
AMBBRColin Ketley171 WR
CFLBElise Mattingley77 WR
AFBBRYoke Lunn185 WR
AMHBMike Mattingley141 WR
AFHBSally Mattingley40 – WR
JMFSRChris Gray195 WR
AMBBRPaul Watson171 WR

27th June – Field Classification Round South end

The class shoot went ahead as planned. The shoot was well attended by Llantwit Archers shooting a broad range of styles taking advantage of the fact that this was the last opportunity to shoot the course that will be used for the UK and I of I competition. We were happy to see Neil Bowdler but unfortunately he had to depart early and was not able to complete the shoot, but not before he had a look at the new North end and was impressed by it.

The course was appreciated by all who shot it, the day was a great sucess and while some scores were slightly off form a number of archers put in excellent scores.

The highlights were Yoke Lunn shooting Ladies Bare Bow smashing her PB by a long way, Paul Watson shooting a high score and putting over 100 points on the Fonmon record, Mike Mattingley putting in his first A class score and smashing the Welsh Record for Gents Historic Bow, A very warm welcome to Anna Ritchie on her inaugural shoot at Fonmon as a Cub Freestyle Unlimited putting in an excellent score for her first class round and first shoot at Fonmon and scoring a Welsh record , and, not least of all for Nigel Kent putting in a 20 on the 80yd shot as Gents Bowhunter Unlimited,

In all it was a great day – the weather was good and the shoot was enjoyed by everyone, scores below ( note, WR = Welsh Record, dont forget to claim them, FR = Fonmon Record) –

AMFSRMark Lunn429
AFFSRSandra Jones189 FR
AMBBRColin Ketley299
AMBUNigel Kent497
AFBBRYoke Lunn360 FR
AMHBMike Mattingley252WR, FR
AFFUClaire Jones452 FR
CFFUAnna Ritchie431WR, FR
AMBBRPaul Watson345 FR