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LMA Handicap League 2017

Hiya everyone,

We will be starting the handicap competitions again. Starting this Monday 6th of March.

It consists of a half fita 18 round, 10 ends to 3 arrows. Starts at 6.45 till when it finishes.

All competition medals and prizes for the events are to be given out in our AGM.

The dates for these are going to be :-

6th March
10th April
1st May
5th June
3rd July
7th August
4th Sept
2nd October

All full members of llantwit major archers welcome.

See you on monday.

Best regards,


2017 Scores

Final results for 2017

NameStyleHandicapScore 1Score 2Score 3Score 4Score 5Score 6HitsGoldsTotal
Thomas BrownCMFSR5914301463143114861437142916368676
Ian HarrisonAMBBR6814411441145314241438147113228668
Mark BrennanAMFU17144214411438144814371439180448645
Jon NormanAMFU19144214411436144314411441180348644
Teresa GoodwinAFFSR32144814231452142914441446180338642
Caiomhe BloomfieldCFFSR6314301451145514331383148614438638
Nathan TrewAFFSR22143814411441145214281428180628628
Colin KetleyAMFU14144314341436143914361438180498626
Stephen HarrisonAMFSR36142114521441144714201410180258591
Danial GoodwinCMFU6814151457143614511413141412948586
Aine BrookfieldCFFSR6514431454143314081424141213278574
Ieuan GrahamJMBBR45141914631427141614371386180188548