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Archery GB

Field Archery introduction

So what is Field Archery?

I am sure you have all seen Target Archery, a row of archers line up in a field and shoot at round targets in a line, the GNAS are the governing body of this type of archery and this is the sport that you see in the Olympics.

Field Archery is shooting mostly round targets but contrary to the name it is done in the woods.

A very common explanation for Field Archery is - imagine a Golf course - now put it in a wooded area ( preferably a valley ) that is pretty much what Field Archery is.

The course consists of two rounds of 14 targets, distances shot range from 20 feet to 80 yards. A competition is a total of 28 targets shot with 4 arrows each.

The pages in this section will explain the different types of styles and competitions we shoot as well as report on our success!

The Targets

Field Target
Field Target
Hunter Target
Hunter Target
There are a number of different targets we shoot for different competitions, mostly they are the old familar round targets you would recognise. The two main ones are the Field target and the Hunter target. Both have the same scoring value - 5 for a centre, then 4 for an inner ring and 3 for an outer ring as shown here:

Field Target Hunter Target

There are other types of targets - 2d pictures of animals for instance.

On other pages you will see pictures of the archers in competition out on courses - from this you will see the type of shoots we do and the kinds of equipment we use.