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Archery GB

Beginners courses

Getting things off to a good start.

The club offers a beginners course for anybody who is interested in archery. The hands-on course is designed to take a complete novice through an introduction to archery, starting with the basics of safety and setting up your bow all the way through to competition rules.

All equipment is provided and consists of 8 x 1 hour sessions (normally weekly) for £40 per person.

The course includes but not limited to :-

- Overview of bow and equipment.
- Archery safety and etiquette.
- Bow setup.
- Warm up exercises.
- Technique and posture.
- Shooting different distances.
- Shooting varying target types.
- Overview of different shoot styles.

The course is normally run indoors, although opportunities to shoot outdoors may be available later in the course, weather permitting.

The course is run by qualified level 1 coaches with competition experience who can provide guidance and advice as required.

After the course finishes you are welcome to join the Llantwit Major Archery Club and take part in archery competitions either locally or abroad.

If you're interested and would like some more information please contact Theresa Goodwin.

Luke successfully completing the beginners course.

Bethan successfully completing the beginners course.